Can You Hear The Clubhouse? EP

Can You Hear the Clubhouse is the new EP from the St. Paul, MN band Folios. While tracking a bunch of songs for the full length follow up to Dispatch, we took three full band band tunes from the studio and collected them with one Martin recorded at home. The result is an eleven minute tale that involves a little time travel and a lot of bloodletting, but nevertheless has a beginning, middle, and end, should you choose to look for something like that. Come on in, there are no VIPs...

Martin Devaney-vocals, rhythm guitars
Adam Lamoureux-Hammond B3, Stylophone
Ryan Lovan-drums, percussion
Matt Palin- bass
Josh Peterson-lead and rhythm guitars

engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tom Herbers in St. Paul, MN
produced by Tom Herbers with Martin Devaney

artwork by Eric Kassel